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Water efficiency

In agriculture, water is not just a resource; it's life itself. As stewards of the land, farmers face the dual challenge of maximizing crop yield while minimizing water consumption.
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Conserve Every Drop

Applied water is lost to the air, off foliage, running off the field, and deep moisture percolation. How do we reduce water losses?

Water is the essence of life, and our collective responsibility is to utilize it wisely and minimize waste. As agriculture enthusiasts, pursuing an effective water-saving system for crops is inevitable.

By incorporating SNF’s polymers into your crop management, you elevate water efficiency and enhance the performance of surface and sub-surface drip irrigation applications. This positively influences the environment and amplifies your farm’s productivity. A well-hydrated soil sets the perfect foundation for a bountiful harvest, marking the beginning of increased production.

Conservation of yields with lower water quantity
A reduction in water consumption of 20%

Every penny counts

Enhancing irrigation effectiveness doesn’t just mean saving water.

Harness the power of efficiency with our products! Enhancing irrigation effectiveness doesn’t just mean saving water; it’s a game-changer for your bottom line. Reduced irrigation costs and diminished fertilizer needs go hand in hand, ensuring savings and a greener, more sustainable approach. Let’s grow together while saving on both water and expenses!

Fertilizer efficiency improvement
20% savings in pumping costs

Resources savings

Thinking to the Earth and its limited resources.

Farming constantly changes, including water savings through precision irrigation and intelligent monitoring. Supplying food to the global population is challenging today, and water remains the key. At SNF, we believe that our solutions offer a new, sustainable way to use water in agriculture.

Soil is a precious resource as well. While we focus on water savings, we also participate in maintaining arable lands, which are suffering more and more from salinity excess that decreases their productivity, leading to losses of farmlands.

FACE water scarcity
Building a sustainable future for next generations

Water and Soil


The soil’s potential is a fragile balance between several factors. SNF solutions play a role in soil structure and salt balance.

Soil salinity makes some soil nutrients unavailable, slows down water intake, and leads to weak plants. It also contributes to soil structure degradation.

Degraded soil’s structure severely impacts the soil’s potential.

SNF is your partner from today onwards to protect and improve your soils for better soil and water management.

Solutions for water efficiency

Crop stories about water efficiency

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Water efficiency
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