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Superabsorbent Potassium Based

Optimizes water use and strengthens plant growth
Main issue

Water efficiency

Compatible irrigation system

Boom sprayer, Drip irrigation, Furrow irrigation, Micro spray irrigation, Pivot, Rainfed

Geographical area

Africa & Middle East, Asian-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, USA

AQUASORB™ is a cross-linked copolymer. It consists of a set of polymeric chains. When water comes in contact with one of these chains, it is drawn into the substance by osmosis and the product becomes a gel that acts as a slow water release mechanism. Water rapidly migrates into the interior of the polymer network, together with the nutrients that are stored there. As the soil dries out, the polymer releases the absorbed water and nutrients into the soil and the roots. Depending on the type of product, 1gr of AQUASORB™ can retain from 250 to 500 ml of water. AQUASORB™ increases the water-holding capacities of soils, therefore delaying the plant wilting point. AQUASORB™ also improves soil structure by increasing porosity and improving water infiltration

Improves Survival rate of plants up to 40%

Improves water holding capacity of soils and delays wilting point. Due to the consistency of soil moisture availability, AQUASORB™ improves the survival rate of plants and yield.
AQUASORB™ is not just effective, it's reliable. It has a long-lasting effect, working in the soil for up to 4 years. This means, even in the face of changing weather conditions, you can trust AQUASORB™ to deliver consistent results.

Strengthens plant growth

AQUASORB™ keeps a moist environment and improves water and fertilizer retaining capacity of soil effectively. Reduces lixiviation of nutrients towards the deepest soil layers and at the surface layers. AQUASORB™ enhances fertilizer and water use efficiency as water and nutrients are stored in the polymer structure. AQUASORB™ can be used in many agricultural and horticultural applications, including but not limited to gardens, grass, and turf. Irrigation can be decreased by 20% during each irrigation.

Improve physical properties of Soil and Mulch

AQUASORB™ improves physical properties of soils, making aggregates between particles increasing permeability, porosity, and infiltration. When the molecular structures transfer water to the plants, they return to their previous size and the space previously filled by them becomes a new pore.
• Increase water retention.
• Reduce irrigation frequency by 20-30%
• Provides moisture constantly and homogenously
• Enhance root system development.

How does the product work?

AQUASORB™ is a dry powder or crystal-like structure that forms a gel when hydrated. The product absorbs moisture and nutrients, avoiding problematic leaching. Moisture stays close to the root zones, where it is needed for critical plant development. 

As the soil dries out, AQUASORB™ slowly releases moisture and nutrients to the plant roots. It is insoluble in water and specially conceived for horticulture and reforestation projects.

What purpose it serves?

Maximise the water use efficiency and increase the plant survival rate and water retention

AQUASORB™ is used for new plantings of trees, vineyards, or orchards, with or without irrigation. It will help with development and survival rates, specifically the root system. AQUASORB™ supplies water to plants constantly and homogeneously. .

AQUASORB™ was applied to the dried bottom of the Aral Sea in 2021 to green it. With the use of the product, the survival rate increased from 22% (control) to 80% (at a dose of 10 g/seedling)

Improve the nutrient Use efficiency

AQUASORB™ retains nutrients along with water. AQUASORB™ helps to enhance the water and fertilizer use efficiency as water and nutrients are stored in the polymer structures, resulting in healthy plant and root growth.

potatoes culture - before potatoes culture - After

SVBP Agriculture University Meerut, India, conducted a test in 2019. Due to AQUASORB™, one irrigation cycle was removed, the yield increased 20%, and INR 16580 was earned as additional income per ha.

Improve the water retention of mulch

With 1 cubic meter of mulch, we can put 1 kg to 3 kg of AQUASORB™. Mulch is often light in composition, and the moisture retention is minimal. AQUASORB™ increases potential retention from 100 to 300 L for 1m3 of mulch. AQUASORB™ improves the efficiency of mulch in all horticulture areas.

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