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Water Science

SNF is a specialty chemical multinational company and an expert in water chemistry. All our products are used in treating, preserving, and recycling of water. We help reduce energy needs and carbon intensity while contributing to the responsible extraction of key mineral resources essential to the energy transition.

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Water & Soil Expertise

Water and soil nutrients are timeless pillars sustaining agricultural productivity. However, climate change, soil degradation, and dwindling water reserves pose significant threats. SNF Water Science addresses these challenges by offering solutions that enable farmers to enhance yields while conserving vital resources. We empower farmers to produce more efficiently amidst resource constraints.

We work with you

Our dedicated team of scientists, agronomists, and agricultural engineers specialize in water and soil management. Understanding the challenges farmers face with water scarcity, we work closely with them to enhance productivity while conserving water resources. With a hands-on approach, we continuously improve our technology in collaboration with farmers, ensuring tailored solutions for diverse soils, regions, and crops. Your soil, our expertise. We are multilingual and adapt to the specific needs of your soil, region, and cultivation practices.

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Our solutions

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Water efficiency
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