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Anti-Crusting and Erosion Control

FLOBOND™ A30 is a long molecular chain polymer that combats erosion and crusting.
Main issue

Soil structure, Water efficiency

Compatible irrigation system

Furrow irrigation, Rainfed

Geographical area

Africa & Middle East, Asian-Pacific, USA

FLOBOND™ A30 is not just a soil protector; it’s a soil enhancer. A30 physically improves soil structures by preventing aggregate slacking. The polymer forms a chain network that binds soil particles together, creating aggregates that enhance soil porosity, infiltration, holding capacity, and germination. It also prevents issues like soil compaction, erosion, and crusting, ensuring a healthier soil ecosystem. No matter the soil type, FLOBOND™ A30 is your solution.

decrease soil erosion

FLOBOND™ A30 is a dry polymer used to manage erosion. It can be applied by drone, fertilizer dry spreader, or mixed with fertilizer. The dry form allows it to be used on land with or without irrigation.
Soil structures are maintained through rough conditions like heavy winds and hard rains. Organic material stays on the soil and is not carried away with the water flow. The seed and the plant will get better root performance and germination.

decrease fertilizer leaching

FLOBOND™ A30 is not just about improving crop yield, it's about environmental responsibility. By promoting soil aggregation, A30 increases the soil's water-holding capacity, reducing the leaching of fertilizer by 30 to 50%. This means the fertilizer stays closer to the root zone, making it more efficient and reducing the risk of polluting rivers and lakes.
With FLOBOND™ A30 you're not just protecting your crops; you're protecting the environment.

increase infiltration and moisture retention

Once in the soil, A30 interacts with soil particles promoting flocculation and aggregation. This leads to the formation of larger soil aggregates and improved soil structures. Enhanced soil structure increases pore space, porosity, and soil aeration essential for plant root growth, water infiltration, and nutrient uptake.

How does the product work?

FLOBOND™ A30 works by improving soil structure and water retention. The polymer structures bind aggregates, avoid slaking, and prevent crusting of the soil.

FLOBOND™ A30 is also best used by mixing it with fertilizer before granulation. Using 2 to 3 kg of FLOBOND™ A30 during the granulation of 1 T of fertilizer will optimize fertilizer by decreasing leaching up to 30 %.

What purpose it serves?

Decrease water and wind erosion

Water and wind erosion bring multiple issues like wind burn and sandblasting for young plants. By structuring the soil surface, FLOBOND™ A30 will allow the plant to develop better during all the vegetative stages.

clean water flow

By increasing aggregation in the soil, smaller particles cannot be washed away from the field. Organic material within the soil stays in the field. This enhances germination success, creates a more favorable environment for plant growth, and lowers the risk of polluting bodies of water.

avoid crusting

Increasing soil aggregation, soil particles do not slack, and the soil will maintain its porosity and softness. All crops are allowed better germination conditions, creating a more favorable environment for plant growth.

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