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Soil Structure Stabilizer

SOILPAM™ TABLETS improve water use efficiency and infiltration.
Main issue

Soil structure, Water efficiency

Compatible irrigation system

Furrow irrigation

Geographical area


Tablets can be applied in various irrigation systems where liquid polymer application may be difficult. This water-soluble polymer is a linear anionic co-polymer that increases infiltration, increases holding capacity, controls erosion, and improves water clarity.

increases infiltration

Soil infiltration is improved via the elasticity of the polymer. Allowing for soil surfaces to not be sealed off via compression forces.

increases holding capacity

Soil Porosity is maintained and improved allowing for more water to be held in the soil profile and for a longer time in harsh weather climates.

controls erosion and improves water clarity

Soil stabilization, erosion control, & clairity is achieved through bonds formed between soil particulate matter and the polymer.

How does the product work?
Pam application

Pam application: left is control, right is treated.

What purpose it serves?

increases infiltration, increases holding capacity, controls erosion, and improves water clarity

SOILPAM™ TABLETS alow for all benefits via ionic bonds on a molecular level within soil structures.

Treated with SOILPAM TABLETS Control “Un-Treated”
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