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FLOBOND™ SPRAY33 Aqua Save physically improves soil structure by forming new aggregates with irrigation.
Main issue

Soil structure, Water efficiency

Compatible irrigation system

Boom sprayer, Micro spray irrigation, Pivot

Geographical area

Africa & Middle East

FLOBOND™ SPRAY33 Aqua Save can physically improve soil structure by forming a network of polymer chains. This network binds soil particles together, creating aggregates that enhance soil porosity and seed germination. Improved soil structure facilitates germination, promoting overall plant growth.

FLOBOND™ SPRAY33 Aqua Save increases emergence, stand establishment, and yield in high-value horticultural crops.


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Easy to Use

It is an easy-to-use, high-quality polymer used to manage soil crusting. It can be applied through irrigation water or conventional spray applications. This new product is the first liquid, easy-to-use, long-chain polymer improving water efficiency, soil conditioning, and anti-crust action.

Increase emergence

FLOBOND™ SPRAY33 Aqua Save can penetrate deeper into the soil. Once in the soil, it interacts with soil particles, promoting flocculation and aggregation. This leads to the formation of larger soil aggregates and improved soil structure. Enhanced soil structure increases pore space, porosity, and soil aeration, which are essential for seeds and root growth, water infiltration, and plant nutrient uptake.

Increased Water Infiltration and Retention

By promoting soil aggregation, FLOBOND™ SPRAY33 Aqua Save can help increase the soil's water-holding capacity. The larger pore spaces created by soil aggregates allow water to infiltrate deeper into the soil profile and be retained for longer periods. This can be particularly beneficial in soils with poor water retention capacity or in regions prone to drought, as it helps improve soil moisture levels and reduces irrigation frequency.

How does the product work?

FLOBOND™ SPRAY33 Aqua Save works by improving soil structure and water retention. The polymer gets around the aggregate by avoiding the soil slaking and soil crusting.

What purpose it serves?

Increase emergence

FLOBOND™ SPRAY33 Aqua Save maintains the soil structure by avoiding slaking of the aggregates.

Stand establishment and yield

FLOBOND™ SPRAY33 Aqua Save improves soil structure and tilth. By binding soil particles together, these polymers help create larger soil aggregates, which improves soil aeration, capillary water movement, and germination. This creates a more favorable environment for plant growth and enhances germination success.

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