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FLOBOND™ EC preserves soil structure, increases soil porosity, promotes uniform percolation, and increases infiltration and usable water volumes.
Flobond EC
Main issue

Soil structure, Water efficiency

Compatible irrigation system

Drip irrigation, Furrow irrigation, Micro spray irrigation, Pivot

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FLOBOND™ EC is a polyacrylamide (PAM) emulsion designed to preserve soil structure, increase soil porosity, promote uniform percolation, and increase infiltration and usable water volumes.

When applied to sandy soils, it increases infiltration and allows plants to retain and utilize more applied water before it passes through the root zone.


Maintain Soil Structure

FLOBOND™ EC improves soil structure and tilth. By binding soil particles together, this polymer helps create larger soil aggregates, which improves soil aeration and root penetration. This creates a more favorable environment for plant growth and enhances soil productivity.

Soil Erosion Control

FLOBOND™ EC reduces soil erosion by binding soil particles together and stabilizing soil aggregates. This helps prevent soil and nutrient loss due to water runoff and wind erosion, protecting valuable topsoil and preserving soil fertility.

Increase Infiltration & Reduce Water Requirement

FLOBOND™ EC can improve water infiltration in soil by promoting soil aggregation and creating larger pore spaces. This allows water to penetrate deeper into the soil profile, reducing surface runoff and increasing water retention in the root zone. Enhanced water infiltration helps maintain soil moisture levels and provides plants with a consistent water supply, promoting healthy growth and higher yields.

How does the product work?

FLOBOND™ EC works by improving soil structure and water retention.

What purpose it serves?

Soil Aggregation

FLOBOND™ EC promotes soil aggregation by binding soil particles together, creating larger aggregates and improving soil structure. This enhanced soil structure increases pore spaces and porosity, making the soil more resistant to compaction. Soil aggregates formed by FLOBOND™ EC are less prone to compaction under pressure, providing more space for root growth and water infiltration.

Water Infiltration

Improved soil structure facilitated by FLOBOND™ EC enhances water infiltration into the soil. Adequate soil moisture content helps prevent soil particles from compacting tightly together, reducing the likelihood of soil compaction. Additionally, better water infiltration ensures that plant roots can access water more easily, promoting deeper root growth and reducing the risk of compaction.

The left 4 trees are treated with FLOBOND™ EC.  When looking at the soil, you can see a darker soil, indicating a higher moisture content, and when looking at the canopy, the trees look healthier and more robust.  The 4 trees on the right have compacted topsoil, which decreases the oxygen level in the soil and cannot retain as much moisture.

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