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Water-soluble polymers have many applications in modern farming. Our innovative products have enabled our customers in the agricultural industry to increase overall productivity, while at the same time significantly reducing the environmental impact.

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SNF is a specialty chemical company and an expert in water chemistry. Water and soil nutrients are timeless pillars sustaining agricultural productivity. However, climate change, soil degradation, and dwindling water reserves pose significant threats. SNF Water Science addresses these challenges by offering solutions that enable farmers to enhance yields while conserving vital resources. We empower farmers to produce more efficiently amidst resource constraints.


Agriculture efficiency

Produce More with Less

Discover our solutions to optimize water management, boost crop yields and produce more with less resources.

FLOBOND™ DI Water Saver physically improve soil structure by forming a network of polymer chains.

FLOBOND™ LX50 ANTISALT by its high affinity with soil salts can easily improve salts solubilization and humic-clay system desaturation.

FLOBOND™ SP 2300 SOIL PROTECT can physically improve soil structure by forming a network of polymer chains.

Flobond A30 is a dry long molecular weight polymere. This product is used against erosion and crusting.

Worldwide leader
Global but Local

Operating across 55 countries with 21 production facilities, SNF embodies global leadership in water chemistry. Our expansive reach enables us to intimately understand and address the unique needs of each locality we serve. By harnessing our extensive network, we deliver tailored solutions that resonate with local environments while upholding the resilience and reliability expected of an industry giant.

With a diverse arsenal of over 1,000 products, we empower our customers to preserve natural resources, champion recycling efforts, and optimize processes—fostering sustainable progress at a local level, while making a significant impact on a global scale.

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Water efficiency
Salt mitigation
Erosion Control
Soil Structure