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FLOBOND™ LX50 ANTISALT by its high affinity with soil salts can easily improve salts solubilization and humic-clay system desaturation.
Main issue

Salt mitigation

Compatible irrigation system

Boom sprayer, Drip irrigation, Furrow irrigation, Micro spray irrigation, Pivot

Geographical area

Africa & Middle East, Asian-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, USA

FLOBOND™ LX50 ANTISALT has a high affinity for soil salts, thus easily improving salt solubilization and humic-clay system desaturation. It can improve salt lixiviation and reduce soil electro-conductivity (EC) by more than 40%. 

Releasing salts from the humic-clay system, increasing their leaching, and reducing EC improves osmotic pressure and soil capacity to keep the nutrients your crop needs, promoting overall plant water and nutrient uptakes. 

It also enhances the upcoming fertilization efficiency by allowing more spots for the nutrients to fix themselves in the soil and reducing their leaching.


Easy to use and efficient

It is a high-quality polymer that reduces soil electro-conductivity by enhancing salt leaching. It can be applied with other chemicals through all types of irrigation systems.

all kind of salt

FLOBOND™ LX50 ANTI-SALT has a unique way of working; its high affinity with soil salts increases salt solubilization and leaching. It is a non-specific product, which means that it works on all kinds of salts, reducing global electro-conductivity, even if the irrigation water hardness is high.

How does the product work?

FLOBOND™ LX50 ANTI-SALT is an anionic polymer with a higher affinity with soil salts than the mineral clays, it therefor manages to desaturate the humic-clay system more easily than with just water, increasing the salts leaching.

 It can be used at low dosage with high frequency to maintain a lower level of soil electro-conductivity and minimize salt accumulation or at higher rate to leach as much salt as possible to prepare the soil before the crop season.

What purpose it serves?

Minimize salt accumulation

FLOBOND™ LX50 ANTI-SALT protects the soil against salt accumulation during the crop cycle even if the crop is irrigated with hard water.

Salt leaching

FLOBOND™ LX50 ANTI-SALT can be used at the beginning or the end of the crop in order to reach as much salt as possible and to reduce for a longer period salt concentration and electro-conductivity.

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