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Saxaul: Improving the survival rate of trees in difficult areas

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The introduction of innovative technologies in the fight against desertification in the Karakalpakstan region (Uzbekistan), especially in the very arid and salty conditions of the ancient bed of the Aral Sea.

The use of various harmless soil and plant products that can help reduce the damage caused by the lack of water is a good prospect for combating desertification in the area.

The goal of the project, in partnership with the UNDP program, is to assess the benefits of the Aquasorb 3005KB, Flobond SC100, Flosperse LX50 products in localized application when sowing seeds or when planting saxauls.


  • Control – The usual practice of the farmer, without the use of the product.

  • Treated – The usual farmer practice, adding SNF product Aquasorb 3005KB and Flobond SC100 gel while planting. Flobond Antisalt 50 while irrigating.
  • The Aquasorb, present in powder form, will be diluted in water at a rate of 1% of. 10gr of product per 1 liter of water).
  • Flobond SC100, present in aqueous form, will be applied at 5% of the seeds mass.
  • Flobond Antisalt 50, will be diluted at 30 kg/ha on drip irrigation. On furrow irrigation, it will depend of the amount of water.


Planting and application of products

Application rate:

  • 10 gr of Aquasorb/plant (1 liter of gel)
  • 15 gr of Aquasorb /plant (1.5 liter of gel)
  • 20 gr of Aquasorb /plant (2 liters of gel)
Data from the experiment with AQUASORB
Treated area on the left, control area on the right
Using of FLOBOND SC100 to enhance Saxaul seeds


As part of the fight against desertification, FLOBOND and AQUASORB products can speed up the reforestation process in arid and saline areas, drastically increasing the survival rate of Saxaul trees and speeding up their development.

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