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Proof of efficiency tests in Bergama

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These proof of efficiency tests were installed in Bergama Cotton field. Farmer has issue with salt in his field of cotton.
No precipitation during this season, as usual in this area, the climate is Mediterranean
The trial was carried out under the supervision of the farm owner and the SNF Turkish Agronomist.


  • 1 application every 10 days of 3kg/ha
  • Comparison first without any other product
  • 2nd comparison with competitor product (mix of humic and carboxylic acids)
  • Total of 10 applications until harvest

Results and comments

The FLOBOND LX50 Anti-Salt increase the yield. This has been seen visually on the field and in the data. We can suggest that next year the farmer make the injection earlier. The positive effect could be sooner.

Cost study

Total cost for production 100 000 TLR/ha = 5000€
-Yield control : 5 500 kg / ha
-Treated: 6 300 kg

Price selling cotton : 15 TLR/kg

Increase in yield 800 kg * 15 TLR = 12 000 TLR

Cost of products 30kg*35TLR = 1 050 TLR

Net margin for the farmer 10 050 TLR = 500 euro.

ROI = 10



Product in use

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