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Determining the effect of Flobond LX50 desalination

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This study was conducted with the aim of determining whether the effect of FlobondLX50 desalination product will be seen in the rice plant after back pump injection , Application time was made before tillering.since there is seed production, seed yield was estimated to be 5000kg/ha-6000kg/ha before application and after application gross harvest is expected to be 7000kg/ha.There is no control parsel because rice has in water.


  •  Company: Ayer Seed
  • Acreage: 0.4 ha imp of 20kg/ha LX50
  • Location: Northwest Turkiye
  • Crop: Rice
Before Implementation After Implementation


Ayer Seed was wondering better results but the results are quite ok. There is no control as they used the products foir all the field. Before implementation expectation was 6 300 kg X 0.8 Euro= 5 040 €

That is mean Harvest Result with the products : 7 000kg / ha => 10 % increase from expectation 7 000 kg X 0.8 € = 5 600 €

Additional Profit 5 400 – 5 040=360 €
Products Cost/ha : 4€ X 8l =32 Euro
ROI = x10

Product in use

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