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Rice: Experiments with different dosages of FLOBOND™ in Vietnam

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The aim was to observe the effects of 3 different doses of FLOBOND™ LX50 in Vietnam’s rice fields, 50ppm, 100ppm (optimal dose base on recommandation) and 200ppm.


  • Test Place – Thien My, Tra On, Vinh Long (9o57’56.7”N; 105o58’16.O”E), Mekong Delta – Vietnam (Middly river: Vinh Long province)

  • Soil Type – alluvial soil

  • Experimental design: 1 plot divide in four plots

  • Replication:  3 farmers. One farmer is one replication. (Ba Dung – RI; Nguyen Phong – RII; Nguyen Van Binh – RIII

  • Plot size:   50 m2/plot x 4 treatments/farm x 3 farms.

  • Number of applications: Three applications. 5 days before transplanting of rice and just before transplanting of rice and rice in the panicle stage.

Information about control farmer (farmer practive): 375 kg/ha (FPF – Fused phosphorus fertilizer (17% P2O5, 26% CaO, 14% MgO, 26% SiO))


With Flobond anti salt LX 50, the result is a rapid reduction of sodium content in the soil due to the impact of the product, liquid polymer formulation, after being applicated which increases the content of exchangeable cations in the soil such as Ca2+ and Mg2+ (in the form of insoluble complexes such as CO32- or HPO42-, H2PO4 …).

As a result of vision evaluation in the field, the use of Flobond Anti salt LX50 created and maintained leaf color, darker green and no signs of salinity (dry, marginal yellow and leaf tip). The Flobond anti salt LX50 product is simple to use, and quickly effective in reducing soil salinity. The participating households see immediate effects compared with other measures such as applying gypsum, dolomite or saline washing by irrigation method.

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