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In the Flobond A30 application zone, no crusts were found

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The experiments with Flobond A30 were carried out in Kazakhstan in the Akmola region, Arshaly district, KH Enbek-1
When visiting the farm in June and August after sowing, there was no visual difference in potato seedling density. Noticed that the field with Flobond A30 was wetter than the control. In the Flobond A30 application zone, no crusts were found, in the control side, the crusts were very thin and rare, since the soil is sandy.


  • The area of the experimental field is 13.6 ha (Flobond A30 – 1,1 ha and control 12,5 ha)
  • 1 dose (80 kg/ha) and a control (When applying, we could not reduce the dosage to 20 kg/ha, because the equipment did not allow this)
  • Field is continuously irrigated (1 time per day)
  • Type of irrigation system: linear, automatic sprinkler
  • The product was applied by spreader 2 hours
    before potato plantation. – Potato variety is Gala.
  • The product is very thin, during strong winds, part of the product is blown off.

Application of Flobond A30 by spreader Kverneland


Potato price per 1 ton – 178 Euro/t;
Cost of product per 1 ha – 5 Euro* 80kg= 400 Euro;
Income from harvest growth: (3,7 t*178 Euro/t)-400 Euro=258 Euro/ha

Product in use

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