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Improving SAXAUL Survival Rate

Geographical area
Irrigation system
Process of plantation of Aquasorb

The tests with different dosages of Aquasorb were carried out at the dried bottom of Aral Sea. Test location coordinates: 44°12′07.11″N 58°51′23.25″E

During the visit on June 25, 2021, a large difference in the use of Aquasorb was noted in comparison with the control.
The optimal result was shown by a dose of 10 g/seedling
At the time of the second visit in 12 th June of 2022 by Azat Tileumuradov (former UNDP employee), saxaul with the use of Aquasorb visually looked also good.


  • Control – 50 seedlings;
  • Aquasorb – 10 gr/seedling;
  • Aquasorb – 15 gr/seedling;
  • Aquasorb – 20 gr/seedling.
  • Date of plantation: March 2021.
  • Planting of seedlings was carried out manually, Aquasorb was supplied in the form of a gel form.
  • For each experiment, 50 seedlings were used.

Process of plantation of Aquasorb

View of the experiments in June 2021 01 View of the experiments in June 2021 02

View of the experiments in June 2021

View of the experiments in June 2022

Product in use

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