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The experiments with of Aquasorb 3005 KM were carried out at the dry bottom of Aral Sea by initative of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea and USAID. Test location: Oasis, Kazakhstan (see map)
Date of plantation March 2023.
Planting of seedlings was carried out manually, Aquasorb was supplied in the form of a gel.
The primary objective of the Activity is to improve the soil condition and vegetation in a portion of the dry seabed by planting thirty 5-hectare plots of black saxaul to help mitigate the impact of destructive sand and salt storms in the region, and, in the process to revive the ecosystem of the Aral Sea.


  • Control – 5 plots, 5 ha each (Total 25 ha);
  • Aquasorb 3005 KM – 5 plots, 5 ha each
    (Total 25 ha)
  • Dose 10 gr/tree.
  • Total planting area in future – 500 ha;
  • Planting method – manual;
  • Irrigation – only 1 time after sowing;
  • Project name: USAID, Environmental Restoration of the Aral Sea Activity (ERAS-1)

This is the first stage of the project, laid out on 10 plots, further planting will depend on the results of the experiments in 2023.

Oasis plots are prepared for black saxaul planting. These individual plots are five hectares each. Some plots will be treated with fencing and hydrogel to test different conditions for optimal growth.


According to calculations, the survival rate of the Control was 44.4%, respectively, with Aquasorb 63.3%.

However, IFSAS notes that the experiments with the hydrogel were in a very mineralized zone compared to the control.

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