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Grass: Accelerate germination in horticulture

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The aim of the experiment is to test seeds treated with FLOBOND against a control group of untreated seeds exposed to the same conditions.


  • SC100 Treatment at 1.5%

  • Seed types:

    • Turf type Tall Fescue
    • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 85% water regime

Association of Official Seed Analysis (blotter test) (treated on right)
Seedling grow out in soil media (treated on right)


Tall Fescue:

  • Treated seeds had an average of 20% faster seed germination vs Untreated
  • 5-7% better root growth on Treated vs Untreated
  • 3 times better root development on Treated vs Control.

Kentucky bluegrass:

  • Generally, treated seeds had 12% higher germination rate vs untreated.
  • 3 times better Root mass on Treated vs Control.

Treated seeds with Flobond SC-101, showed in average of 15% faster germination and stand establishment, even with 15-20% less water used. The product has potential and needs to be promoted to large seed companies in US.

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