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Effect when applied on the seed bed

This trial was run in Brazil on potato with DI2010 being applied directly in the seedbed at sowing.

There was no irrigation and normal rainfall for the season (rainy season). The main objective was to see if FLOBOND DI2010 directly applied on the seedbed in dryland would have any effect on the crop.

It was noticed a significant increased on yield due to higher number of tubercules per plant and bigger tubercule size.


  • Producer field
  • 1 dosage 4 liters/ha (4.4kg/ha).
  • No irrigation
  • 2 ha trial
  • 1 application at seedling, another 1 and 1/2 month before harvest

It was noticed faster emergence, faster tubercules formation (third picture on the right). The quality (potatoes size) increased too, which explains partially the difference, the 50kg bag (main unit in Brazil) was sold 15,39 USD for control and 15,81 USD for treatment.
The producer is a big fan of the product, the distributor too. We have high expectations for 2024.

Chemicals and DI2010 being sprayed over the seedbed before covering it.

15 DAP

Product in use

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