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Salads in Tunisia: 38% water saving

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salads in tunisia

This essay was installed in the company Primed in the region of Gafsa on standard lettuce Iceberg coded variety intended for export.
The spring season was characterized by high temperatures this year which reduced the crop cycle length to 62 days.
Cultivation on the mounds. On each mound two drip lines. The crop is twinned so a total of four rows of lettuce on the hill. To have irrigation efficiency on the homogeneity of crop development, the entire mound must be moistened daily.
The crucial issue here is that the humidity reaches both ends of the mound for a homogeneous development of the culture.
Considering the effect of Flobond DI2010 on the dispersion of water in width and depth as well as the preservation of humidity longer
We tested plot P1 with a reduction in the volume of water of 50% from the 20th DAP in order to compare with the control plots (P2 and P3)
Different variables were studied, such as wet bulb width, water holding capacity, physiological behavior of plants, impact on crop quality and overall productivity.


  • Planting date : 06/03/2023
  • Harvest date: 06/05/2023
  • Crop cycle: 62 days
  • Plots : P1 : 0,6 ha / P2 : 0,6 ha / P3 : 0,6 ha
  • 1st Application : 31/03/2023 (25 JAP): Flobond Di2010 : (Dose : 10 Kg/ha)
  • 2nd Application: 10/04/2023 (35 JAP) : Flobond Di2010 : (Dose : 5 Kg/ha)
  • 3rdApplication : 26/04/2023 (51 JAP) : Flobond Di2010 : (Dose : 10 Kg/ha)
  • Total FLOBOND DI 2010 quantity per cycle : 25 Kg
  • WATER SOURCE : Artesian borehole
  • QUALITY OF WATER : Salinity : 2 g/L
  • 11000 linears meters drip system /ha
  • Dripper flow 1,2
  • Distance between drippers : 25 cm
  • System flow : 50 m3/hour/ ha= 5 mm
  • Planting density : 80000 plant/ha




HARVEST : 06/05/2023

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