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Please find here under the results of our trial done, internally,  in total known and driven condition.

The products is the SC101  water coated. It is a linear polymere, easy t used, water compatible and other chemistry compatible. Please always make a small trial in a glass before to mix with new products in your seed treatment machinery. 

Before to make this trial, a first trial has been done with non-treated seed in order to get on the control a germination ratio of around 50% germination. There is not interest to test a seed germination coating to help plants germination in drought condition if the control is 100 % germination in normal time, with no water stress condition.

The water amount we applied, in both cases, was calculated to allow 50% germination of the control, to be able to evaluate the increase of germination %. We have renewed this test 2 times in order to control the non-variation of the results.

The dosage of application of the SC101 on the seed was 0,5%. The application has been done with a small Satec machine. We did not see any issue in the products application.

The only difference between the first and the second graph is the first exp happened in a warm week. (Max germination rate in 7 days instead of 11)

As you will see on both results, The Yellow curves which is the treated one is better than control by 15 to 20%   increase. The presentation is with is the results of many experimentations for the volume of irrigation , the dosage of the products….


  • Dry, non-conditioned soil before sowing
  • 800mL/ Bac of water to make 40-60% germination in the control
  • Evident effect in 5 on 6 bac compared to control
  • Trial 1 : warm condition 25–30°C
  • Trial 2 : cooler condition 15-20°C
Preparation of the soil and the sowing bed.
Place and counting of the germination plant


The seed Coating SC101 water Coat is a perfect coating for all seed and plants which may have some issue of draught after sowing. As hydrophile products it brings the water and the soil close to the seed. The direct contact of wetting soil with the seed helps the humidity to start the germination process. With out the products some seed are sowed with very little with soil particle and are more in contact with air. In this case the germination in case of non-enough humidity ion the soil the seed does not germs or later. The SC101 water Coat help to make a good uniform germination bed. It is easy to use and water compatible.

Product in use

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