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The trial was conducted on onion variety NHRDF Red-4 during rabi, 2019-20 at Regional Research Station, National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation (NHRDF), Nashik (Maharashtra). The experiment was laid out in Paired-t test with twelve replications to analysis the crop productivity and water saving during the crop life cycle.


  • Transplanting Date – 22nd January 2020

  • Soil Type – Black Soil

  • Sowing Method – Manual

  • Control, Treatments T1: well-watered (19 irrigation without Flobond DI.)

  • T2 Well-watered 13 irrigation as per soil moisture availability (Irrigate the field when soil moisture goes less than 50%

  • With Flobond DI 2010 applied to the field @ 100 ppm through drip at transplanting, 2nd application @100 ppm at 30 DAT, 3rd application @ 100 ppm at 55 DAT


Flobond DI 2010 allow to reduce by six irrigation (30% + water saving) out of nineteen irrigation. Therefore Flobond DI 2010 can be more beneficial to those onion farmers, who faces water scarcity.
It has been observed that Flobond DI is 100% water soluble and easy to use with drip irrigation system. Flobond DI application is compatible with fertigation and pesticides.

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