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Develop the product in an irrigated area that suffers from irregular water availability

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The experiment was installed in Utique, Bizerte North of Tunisia on the cultivation of late season Tomato variety Heinz 9661F1 in order to define the impact of the product FLOBOND DI 2010 on the Culture.
There was no precipitation during the test. An exceptional heat wave for this year.
A comparative study between control and treated was carried out for some parameters such as the width of the wet bulb, the general aspect of the plot, the physiological behavior of the plants, the level of soil humidity and the production from a quantitative point of view and in qualitative.
The trial was carried out in order to develop the product in an irrigated area that suffers from irregular water availability.


  • Type: Experimental plot

  • Treated plot VS Untreated control plot

  • Plot of 1 ha (18000 Plants)

  • One hour of irrigation equivalent to 7 mm

  • Irrigation frequency: Random

  • 2 apps

Area : Utique, Bizerte, Tunisie
N 37°03′53″ E 10°03′05″

– Planting date : 07/05/2022
– Planting density : Line spacing : 1,5 m & Plant spacing 35 cm
– Water source : Valve water on irrigated perimeter Sidi Salem Dam (Great Disruption)
– Application dates of FLOBOND DI 2010 : 25/07/2022 and 13/08/2022
– Star of harvest : 28/08/2022

Product in use

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