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Potato: Seasonal potato crop PANAMERA variety

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This test was set up in Korba, Capbon, Tunisia on seasonal potato crop PANAMERA variety (mixed fresh market variety and processing into fries) characterized by a long crop cycle, a productive variety and therefore a high need for water and to maintain water comfort throughout the cycle, especially in this type of hill driving in twin lines.
Heavy late rainfall, especially from mid-May to mid-June
Different variables were studied, such as the water retention of the plot, the physiological behavior of the plants, the impact on the quality of the harvest (number, size, and dry matter) and the final yield.
The trial was carried out in order to deduce the added value of integrating FLOBOND DI2010 into the fertigation schedule for the seasonal potato crop.


  • Type: Experimental plot
  • Treated plot VS Untreated control plot
  • Plot of 1 ha (2.2 Tons / ha)
  • 2 hours of irrigation equivalent to 14 mm / Irrigation.
  • Irrigation frequency: Every 72 h
  • 3 applications of Flobond DI 2010 water saver


  • Planting date : 05/01/2023
  • Harvest date : 12/06/2023
  • Planting density: 46000 plants
  • Interlines :1,4 m Twin lines Between plants : 30 cm
  • Water source : Surface Well
  • DAL : Days after emergence (Stage emergence : 15/02/2022)

Area Korba Capbon, Tunisie
Semi-arid stage bioclimatic méditerranean


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