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Flobond SP2300


  • Trail Location: Hanford, CA
  • Producer’s Name: Helena Agri-Enterprises
  • SNF Representative: Marcos Amaro
  • Crop: Almonds
  • Product: Flobond SP-2300
  • Soil Type: Silt-loam
  • Type of Irrigation: Drip
  • Volume of Water: Too much.

Aim of Trial
See if Flobond SP 2300 can increase water infiltration and water retention.

Trial Field was treated with 2- 2qt applications 30 days apart. Trial was being analyzed using visual inspections to compare size of wetting zone to previous wetting zone of previous irrigation.

Activity Log
First application 6/20/20 & Second application 7/20/20.

Pictures indicate smaller wetting zone after application of Flobond SP2300, indicating its ability to increase water infiltration.


When trialing Flobond SP2300 in an almond block traditionally treated with Retention (L33R), Flobond SP2300 had a visual effect on the irrigation wetting zone, reducing it by 50%. No soil moisture data, but grower liked application and will be repeating. Because of Flobond SP2300’s ability to flocculate soil, it allowed for more water to infiltrate the ground instead of having sitting water on top of the ground unable to infiltrate.

Product in use

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